Spring Field Review Site 03 2008HaywoodDogwood Drive in the Town of Dellwood near Maggie Valley
 ~ Wall did not have coping at the top of the wall. Coping should always be required to prevent weathering at the top of the wall.
 ~ Long term maintenance questions, such as repairs for loss of facing blocks, remain. A positive soil-wall connection is preferred to mitigate loss of facing blocks.
 ~ GRS walls are typically founded on rock or weathered rock.
 ~ The Geotechnical Engineering Unit recommends the Bridge Management Unit construct a trial bridge with GRS abutments.
 ~ Concerns with using GRS walls for bridge abutments include scour potential at the base of the wall and access for superstructure inspections when the superstructure sits on the wall.
 ~ Guardrail details associated with the wall need to be developed.
~ Geosynthetically reinforced soil (GRS) walls are a non-proprietary, FHWA developed wall system.
 ~ The Engineer's estimate for an MSE wall was $217,000 and the lowest bid was $485,000.
 ~ The wall was built by Division personnel for $105,485.
 ~ Potential for utilizing more GRS walls in lieu of MSE walls where appropriate.
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