Spring Field Review Site 04 2008SwainBridge #106 on SR 1303 over Alarka Creek
~ Elastomeric bearings were deformed in shear during the coolest time of the day. A plan note to jack the bridge and correct the bearings was suggested. Using grout cans for spans less than 120 ft. was discussed but not recommended.
 ~ The bridge was a single 100 ft. span, with a bolted field splice (BFS) detailed on the plans. In some cases the fabricator can omit the BFS and still deliver the girders to the site. There was consensus to denote the BFS as optional for spans less than 135 ft.
 ~ 4" f approach fill drain pipe was crushed at the outlet end. The Construction Unit recommended using a 4" schedule 40 PVC pipe in lieu of the corrugated pipe.
 ~ The site had an approach roadway drainage flume. The Hydraulics Unit discourages their use for maintenance reasons.
 ~ The 4" thick shoulder berm gutter (SBM) was cracked. The Construction Unit reported that similar cracks sometimes develop during driving the guardrail posts. They recommended increasing the thickness of the SBM.
 ~ To achieve an adequate hydraulic opening, the bridge length was computed from face of shaft at end bent 1 to face of shaft at end bent 2. When the Hydraulics Unit uses this method, it needs to be communicated to Structure Design so the bridge length can be adjusted accordingly.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will place a note on plans for an optional bolted field splice for spans less than 135 ft.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will place a note on the plans to require resetting the bearings.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will investigate detailing 4" f schedule 40 PVC pipe in lieu of the corrugated pipe in the reinforced approach fill.
~ 100 foot single span steel girder bridge with end bents on drilled piers and sheet piling.
 ~ 4 walls on this project. 2 walls are extensions of the end bent wings, 1 is an MSE wall on the approach roadway, and 1 is a soil nail wall that supports the slope of the Great Smoky mountain railroad.
 ~ There were concerns the deck would crack due to the heavy skew. Retarding admixture was considered for the deck concrete, but was not used.
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