Spring Field Review Site 05 2007HydeBridge #32 on US 264 over Rose Bay Creek
~ Unusual L-shape rail was used to increase the rail to rail horizontal lane width.
 ~ The L-shape rail will not be used routinely.
 ~ There was some discussion on the scour predictions that necessitated costly 40' long sheet piling at one end bent.
 ~ There was concern that the excess grease used in the bent cap form pockets may prevent proper bond between the piles and the caps.
 ~ There was some discussion on the benefits of precast elements at this site. It was noted that the cast-in-place alternative would have required de-watering the site.
 ~ Despite the numerous logistical challenges presented by this site, the project accomplished the goals of shortening the construction time and avoiding moratoriums.
~ Project paired with Site 7 near Englehard.
 ~ Let in April 2006.
 ~ Permanent sheeting at end bents.
 ~ Precast bent caps with prestressed piles.
 ~ Top-down, staged construction.
 ~ Temporary traffic signals for one lane, two way traffic.
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