Spring Field Review Site 05A 2006AsheAdd-On Site
~ Observed cracks in the facing were located at the expansion joints because the architectural finish coating was applied over the joints.
 ~ Some discussion on whether the concrete barrier rail protecting the retaining wall facing could be either integrated into the concrete facing or be elimninated. It was also noted that:
 ~~ Protecting areas where the facing begins and ends are of most concern.
 ~~ A vertical concrete barrier offers comparable protection to a slope-faced barrier.
 ~~ Integrating the barrier rail, vertical or sloped into the concrete facing is feasible.
 ~ Deck cracking:
 ~~ A correct pour sequence is very effective in mitigating deck cracking.
 ~~ Contractors should consider the viscosity of gravity flow crack repair products.
3-span steel girder bridge over a stream and a 2-lane road. The bridge had some deck cracking, which was attributed to an error in the pour sequencing. The cracks were repaired with methyl-methacrylate. Steep driveway at the end of the bridge required guardrail to be shop curved on a very tight radius. In addition, the site had a soil-nail wall with a concrete facing, which was protected with a precast New Jersey barrier rail. The concrete facing and barrier rail had an architectural coating finish.
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