Spring Field Review Site 07 2005Craven, Pamlico, Bridge on NC 55 over Upper Broad Creek
~ Deck had a lot of surface type crazing cracks.
 ~ Over the bents, the deck was saw cut and silicone filled.
 ~ Lack of tooled contraction joints on 2BMR parapet had resulted in cracks in the parapet.
 ~ The bridge skew was set with flood flow direction not the normal flow direction.
 ~ The bridge was re-scoped and lengthened to bridge the surrounding wetlands. The skew could have been eliminated for the longer bridge.
 ~ This project demonstrated that in some situations the link slab is a viable alternative to a continuous for live load diaphragm.
A 12-span link-slab bridge, in which slabs were made continuous of the bents by debonding the slab at joint locations.
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