Spring Field Review Site 08 2005Craven, Bridge #60, US 70 Bus. Over Trent River
 ~ 1955 Swing span bridge.
 ~ Latest bridge replacement proposal is double leaf bascule bridge.
 ~ Questions raised included:
 ~~ What happens to the swing span island if the bridge is replaced with a double leaf bascule?
 ~~ Will a fender system be necessary for a single leaf or double leaf bascule?
 ~~ The Bridge Maintenance Unit would prefer to maintain single mechanism.
Trent River swing-span bridge built in 1955 is to be replaces with a new moveable structure by 2010. The current replacement scheme is considering a double-leaf bascule (drawbridge) to span the ~200' river channel. The new bridge substructure will be designed for vessel impact. The Town of New Bern would like the structure pained "Essex Green."
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