Spring Field Review Site 08 2007PasquotankUS 158 (NC 34 - Water Street) to US 17 Business in downtown Elizabeth City
~ The site has many unique features/problems due to unstable subsurface conditions.
 ~ There is a creek beneath a building adjacent to the roadway.
 ~ Many areas along the roadway and along the sidewalk have large voids.
 ~ Periodic repaving has been necessary, but there is need for a more permanent solution.
 ~ The Geotechnical Engineering Unit is collaborating with the Structure Design Unit to develop a plan of action to stabilize the pile-supported roadway slabs.
 ~ The nearby bascule bridge is scheduled for replacement in 2012/13. An upgrade of the control table for the newer bascule is to be included in the project. It was suggested that the permanent solution to stabilize the roadway slabs be part of the bridge replacement project.
~ Bridge dates back to 1931 and is a drawbridge with steel grate deck.
 ~ Bridge replacement in downtown Elizabeth City waterfront.
 ~ Plan is to replace bridge with some type of moveable span.
 ~ Bridge approaches consist of concrete roadway supported by timber pilings.
 ~ Subject of an intense study of whether to keep or replace existing concrete roadway dating back to 1938.
 ~ Many nearby buildings are a concern regarding potential damage due to pile driving.
 East Elizabeth Street, which is attached to the west of the bridge, has historically had an issue with settlement of as much as a foot or more. The Geotechnical Unit is currently considering the use of micropiles to support the road.
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