Spring Field Review Site 09 2007GatesBridge #16 on SR1400 over Merchants Mill Pond
~ Sheet pile dam has been installed. Sheet piling had coal tar epoxy paint for corrosion protection.
 ~ End bent piles also have coal tar paint.
 ~ There was some discussion on damage to corrosion protective coatings during pile driving.
 ~ The Bridge Maintenance Unit reported that any corrosion seen on piles is often located within the first few feet of the ground surface. Therefore, they recommended corrosion protection for the top few feet of end bent piles.
 ~ Corrosion protection measures suggested during discussion included a concrete filled Sonotube jacket around a section of pile nearest the ground line, and a short curtain wall in front of the end bent cap.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will review and evaluate the above suggestions for corrosion protection.
~ 3 - 45' spans with cored slabs, an asphalt wearing surface and top-down construction.
 ~ Consultant (WSA) designed the structure, which consists of 18" pipe piles and barrier protected sidewalk with Timber railing. Concrete parapets and slab units have color staining.
 ~Sidewalk surface is the top surface of the cored slabs
 ~ Project also has sheet pile dam, spillway and fish ladder. Currently working on construction of the dam
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