Spring Field Review Site 09 2008BuncombeBridge #39 on NC 81 (Biltmore Avenue) over the Swannanoa River
~ The project has been postponed several times. If the Division is prepared to move forward with the proposed accelerated option, then it will be necessary to hold public hearings, constructibility reviews, and obtain city approval.
 ~ Existing roadway grade and hydraulic opening need to be maintained. As such, the existing superstructure depth will need also to be maintained.
 ~ Turning radii into businesses and access road at the ends of the bridge are very tight and need to be carefully considered.
 ~ Accelerated construction favored for this location.
 ~ Micropiles may be used as part of the accelerated construction strategy.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will evaluate various accelerated construction techniques to determine feasibility at this location.
 A/I ~ The Division Construction Engineer will let Structure Design know if the Division is prepared to proceed with the accelerated construction option.
~ Bridge programmed for replacing.
 ~ Bridge provides access to hospital. Location has high ADT, and has businesses at all four corners. Construction access is limited.
 ~ Accelerated construction is being considered.
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