Spring Field Review Site 10A 2008IredellBridge #28 on SR 1102 (Langtree Road) over I-77
~ Visible bulging in the elastomeric bearing laminates indicated some internal shim misalignment, which raised quality control concerns. For bearings, quality assurance is provided to the Materials and Tests (M&T) Unit through manufacturer certifications. There was some discussion on whether M&T should resume proof load tests for bearings.
 ~ Observed evidence of difficulties in supporting screed rail run-out.
 ~ There was visible bulging in the fabric wall used for staging the reinforced approach fill.
 ~ Weathering black bolts were used to connect end bent diaphragms to the girders in the painted areas. M&T recommends using mechanically galvanized bolts, which may raise an issue with use of dissimilar materials.
 ~ There was some discussion on reasons for differences in median barrier rail height on the bridge than on the approach roadway. Median barrier rails are typically shorter on the bridge generally because Structure Design Engineers are trying to minimize the loads on the bridge. The discussion noted that, in general, there would not be a negative impact on the bridge design if a slightly taller barrier rail was detailed.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will investigate reducing the minimum diameters for columns and drilled shafts.
 A/I ~ Materials and Tests will review other States' practices on proof load tests for bearings.
 A/I ~ Materials and Test will review the Standard Specifications and make a recommendation on type of bolts for painted areas.
 A/I ~ Structure Design and Roadway design Units will coordinate to maintain the barrier rail height on the bridge to that detailed on the approach roadway.
~ Staged Construction 2-span continuous steel girder bridge.
 ~ 2006 IBRD project which utilizes HPS 100W steel.
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