Spring Field Review Site 12 2006StanlyBridge #187 on SR 1214 over Long Creek, near Albermarle.
~ Very successful project that is suitable for fast-track construction. Saved over three months of construction time and could have saved more time.
 ~ Observed transverse cracks in the flange portion of the deck-girders. The cracks were located over a distance of 12-15 ft. from each end bent. The cracks have not propagated into the web. They appeared to be full-depth cracks due to observed moisture leakage on the underside:
 ~~ The Bridge Maintenance Unit inspectors will map cracks for monitoring purposes.
 ~~ Structure Design will request researchers to investigate the effects of negative moment at the integral end bents.
 ~ Since the deck is an integral part of the girder, care should be exercised on any future deck repairs.
This was partially funded as an IBRC project (Innovative Bridge Research project) in 2005. The single span 115 ft. structure was a fast track construction project, in which the superstructure consisted of 5 decked girders with embedded longitudinal angles in the deck/top flange. The girders were standard AASHTO Type III -- 45" prestressed girders, with an integral 6'-6" wide, 9" thick top flange that formed the bridge deck.
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