Spring Field Review Site 12 2007WakeBridge #137 on SR1404 over Middle Creek
~ Bent caps were excessively deep (4'-0") for cored slabs.
 ~ Traffic speed appeared excessive for the one bar metal rail.
 ~There were transverse cracks over the bents, despite the ends of the cored slabs being fixed and the joints being filled with grout. The Bridge Maintenance Unit suggested utilizing pave-prep tape over the joints, but it was pointed out that this detail is prone to asphalt spalls.
 ~ There were questions on why the plans showed hold-down plates at each corner of the bridge.
 ~ The rip-rap slope protections appeared to have migrated as a result of being undersized.
 A/I ~ Construction will provide a list of cored slab bridges where all ends were fixed, for the purpose of monitoring the condition of the asphalt overlay.
 ~ 3 - 50'span cored slab structure with an asphalt wearing surface
 ~ 3.5% superelevation
 ~ Both ends of the cored slabs were fixed and the 1½" joints were filled with grout.
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