Spring Field Review Site 13 2006DavidsonI-85 Bus. Over SR1242.
~ Site was very congested with utilities, drainage structures, the existing bridge, and the replacement bridge.
 ~ Hilfiker fabric wall utilized to shore approaches on the new bridge.
 ~ The fabric wall looked good with straight and fairly plumb walls with very little bulging.
 ~ The project will also include a 12 ft. soil nail wall in a cut section.
 ~ A value engineering proposal (VEP) to install a modular block wall with anchored temporary shoring has been submitted.
 ~ Anticipated traffic backups, which did not materialize, resulted in the contractor changing the traffic control plans to limit the time with a 2-lane pattern.
 ~ Due to the site congestion, 3-D CADD modeling would have been very useful for identifying conflicts.
Staged construction of a bridge where fabric walls were used to build and shore the approaches. The site also required sheet pile shoring and a culvert extension.
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