Spring Field Review Site 13 2007GuilfordBridge #20 on SR 4121 over Deep River
~ 3 span(65'-85'-65') Type IV girder bridge with 4' f drilled piers.
 Observations and Points of Discussion:
 ~ This site utilized a rock causeway for construction access, but the temporary detour bridge was required to span the stream.
 ~ All Units were encouraged to promote awareness of such errors among their staff and the regulatory agency staff.
 ~ There was some general discussion on the costs of on-site detours, with this site being cited as an example because of the requirement to span the stream and to provide a pedestrian walkway by supplemental agreement. There was consensus to include verbiage, in the planning documents, permit applications, and contract, that will avoid similar issues in the future.
 ~ Temporary bridge had a pedestrian walkway, which the city requested for access to a nearby park.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will discuss the importance of carefully reviewing and discussing permits with their staff.
 ~ Electrical conduit and other utility issues.
 ~ On-site temporary detour bridge.
 ~ Permit mistakenly stated that detour bridge would span the river so temporary bents were not allowed to be placed in the river. Post-let, a need for maintaining pedestrian traffic was identified.
 ~ New bridge will have a closed drainage system.
 ~ Used standard overhang falsework plans.
 ~ Drop inlet in the approach slab.
 ~ "Floating" grade point.
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