Spring Field Review Site 14AB 2007GuilfordNew bridges on the Greensboro outer loop over Market Street (A) and Friendly Avenue (B)
Site 14A:
 ~ The railroad flagman was on site despite the fact there was no ongoing work over the railroad. It was noted that this would have been a good job for A+B bidding for the railroad flagging pay item.
 ~ The Materials and Tests unit noted that the Type 3 bolts in the end bent diaphragm were weathering bolts, but the Standard Specifications require mechanically galvanized bolts for painted structural steel connections.
 Site 14B:
 ~ It was noted that an improved design of the end bents would have shortened the bridge by several feet.
 ~ There were questions on the final location of the barrier rail in relation to the coping on top of the very long MSE walls.
 ~ The Geotechnical Engineering Unit is considering the use of alternative backfill material for MSE walls.
 ~ There were questions on the cost-benefits of large modular joints.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will work with the Project Services Unit -- Contract Office to develop and try a couple of alternative flagging payment methods.
(A) 2 span (110'-193') continuous steel girder bridge over Market Street and a railroad, with columns on pile footings substructure.
 (A) Skew varied from 90o at end bent 1 to 129o at end bent 2, resulting in a trapezoidal span, which had concerns over differential deflections and was a big challenge to grade and screed deck.
 (B) 310' single span steel structure over a single point interchange on Friendly Avenue.
 (B) Originally, the plan was to erect and brace together the first 2 girders and support them on a temporary bent. Once the first 2 girders were placed, the plan was to move the temporary bent, and erect the 3rd and 4th girders. When the temporary bent was removed, girders rotated laterally. Erection plan was changed so that three girders were supported at a time.
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