Spring Field Review Site 15 2005Wake, New section of US 64 just east of Raleigh
~ Concrete Girder Bridge on Faison Road
 ~ 2-span continuous modified bulb-tee girder bridge, with each span 140+ feet long.
 ~ The deck had been poured except for over the bent, where it had been formed up for the continuous for live load diaphragm and slab.
 ~ During the main deck pour the long girders deflected more than anticipated.
 ~ In the area over the bent, the reinforcing steel appeared to have more than the standard 2½" of concrete cover.
 ~ The deck slab was had a few visible cracks near the end bent.
 ~ It appeared that the structure will carry a future sidewalk, so there were no dowels cast into the deck slab.
 ~ Each span had a single line of steel diaphragms.
 ~ There were questions on the appropriate amount of tension applied to the diaphragm bolts?
 ~ Steel bridge over US 64
 ~ Noted various configurations for tall MSE walls:
 ~~ Wall with reversed wing walls and a single row of piles (on Knightdale Bypass project by Design-Build team).
 ~~ Wall with turn back, skewed wing walls and battered piles (on Wake Forest Bypass by in-house staff).
 ~~ Wall that follows the end bent envelope and the cap is supported on a double row of vertical piles.
 ~ Potential for settlement of embankment should be examined during design of MSE wall.
 ~ MSE walls with reversed wing walls raises some drainage issues, and
 ~ Consideration of ease of future inspection.
Project with numerous structures that include many items of interest such as very tall MSE walls, work bridges, long span (140'+) bulb-tee girders, and steel intermediate diaphragms on prestressed girder structures.
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