Spring Field Review Site 18 2005Durham, SR 1671 (Camden Ave.) over a creek
~ Cored slab units did not appear to have significant damage from below.
 ~ The bridge had an asphalt overlay with evidence of repairs over the joints
 ~ There was evidence of some leaking over the joints
 ~ The substructure appeared to be deficient.
 ~ Sheet flow of drainage over the side of cored slab units did not appear to affect the exterior faces of the cored slab units.
 ~ The Structure Design will develop policy on when a concrete overlay should be considered.
 ~ In addition, the department will conduct further investigations of cored slab bridges in service
 ~ The Bridge Maintenance Unit will assemble a list of cored slab bridges. 
Cored slab structure built by the Bridge Maintenance Unit in 1967. Current ADT is 1700 vehicles.
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