Spring Field Review Site 01 2006ChathamSR1101 over Brush Creek
~ Underside of cored slab units were in excellent condition, however there was some noticeable leakage between units.
 ~ Bridge roadway surface had excellent drainage via through-the-rail openings.
 ~ Bent caps were heavily stained due to leakage through large open cracks in the asphalt overlay over the bents.
 ~ Vegetation was growing along the gutter lines and in openings over the bents.
 ~ It was noted that this bridge was in an area where salt is seldom applied to the roads and bridges.
 ~ Bridges in areas where salt is applied more frequently do sustain damage from the salt, which eventually requires repairs.
Cored Slab built in 1970. Has an asphalt overlay. The 11 Cored slab units are 2’-9" x 1’-5". At 35 years old, this is one of the oldest cored slab structures in the state. Due to the relatively short time these types of bridges have been in service, their long-term performance and durability is a matter of concern.
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