Spring Field Review Site 11 2007NorthamptionBridge #76 on US 258 over Roanoke River Overflow
~ Concrete overlay looked very good with no observable cracking.
 ~ At the time of the visit the contractor was removing the on-site detour fill material.
 ~ The bridge appeared to experience a significant amount of impact loading from truck traffic.
 ~ There were questions on the benefits of requiring a smoother transition from the roadway on to the bridge during construction, i.e. before the final lift of asphalt is applied.
 ~ Jacking the transverse post-tensioning strand from each end was suggested to improve the transverse force applied to the bridge.
 A/I ~ The Structure Design Unit will plan a follow-up site visit to observe the condition of the overlay.
 A/I ~ The Construction Unit will find other projects to try jacking the transverse post-tensioning strands from both ends and will provide feedback.
~ One of the first box beam bridges with a concrete wearing surface -- let Sept 2005.
 ~ 3 - 60' spans with the box beams kinked in the center with "rooftop" bents in the longitudinal and transverse directions.
 ~ Utilized top-down construction.
 ~ New bridge is approximately 2 times longer than the old bridge
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