Structures Field Review Site 01 2014Forsyth, Bridge on Hastings Hill Rd over I-40 Business


Deck pour difficulty due to severe skew, normal crown, and steep grade; Gomaco screed was used, but had difficulty achieving the normal crown; the skew caused an inconsistent, uneven crown line; surface of deck will be diamond-ground to achieve a desirable typical section for proper drainage

Action Items:

· Due to constructability issues, incorporate guidance in the Design Manual to limit combinations of:
  severe skew with crowned roadway section
  variable superelevation with crowned roadway section
‒  severe skew with vertical curve
· Investigate the possibility of using a constant superelevation instead of normal crown if the heavy skew cannot be mitigated, discuss with Roadway
· Collaborate with Construction to require contractors to use proper equipment to accommodate heavy skews with normal crowns (Bid-Well screeds are capable of handling skews of this magnitude); possibly require a skew bar kit; develop a Project Special Provision to address site specific conditions
Large gap present between outside edge of superstructure and the corner of the MSE wall that ties into the turned-forward wings; the gap is amplified by the severe skew; will require fall protection (fencing)
Action Item:
Collaborate with Geotech to develop a policy for the layout of MSE walls and end bent wing walls when MSE’s are used
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