Structures Field Review Site 02 2014Iredell, Bridge on Hillside Ln over Fourth Creek


Long two-span curved girder bridge with top flange lateral bracing in exterior girder bays along entire length of bridge

Action Item:

Reevaluate guidance on top flange lateral bracing; may only be required in parts of the span (such as near the interior bent for multiple span bridges), depending on the assumed girder erection/construction sequence



At another bridge site on this project where MSE walls were used, the piles were driven before backfilling; when backfill was applied, the piles moved; temporary bracing was required to stabilize

Action Items:

· Provide a note on plans to require temporary bracing of piles when pile driving precedes backfilling

· Collaborate with Geotech to determine the height of an MSE wall that would require pile bracing

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