Structures Field Review Site 03 2010Brunswick, Bridge #198 replacement over the intracoastal waterway to Sunset Beach
~ Project utilized numerous drilled shafts.
 ~Drilled shaft lengths were reduced by utilizing the load cell test on a test pier.
 ~ A significant length of structure drainage system main trunk line had been installed and did not appear to be even half full during very heavy rain (estimated intensity of 2 in./hr.).
 A/I ~ Geotechnical will investigate the feasibility of using load cells on drilled piers during the preconstruction stage. An upcoming project, R-3307, has been identified as suitable for this investigation.
~ Multiple span bridge incorporating spliced prestressed girders over the Intercoastal Waterway.
 ~ Steel diaphragms metallized with aluminum were used in lieu of cast-in-place concrete diaphragms.
 ~ 1500' + closed drainage system on the bridge.
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