Structures Field Review Site 05 2010New Hanover, Bridges on US 74/NC133 (MLK Jr. Parkway) near McRae St. and N. 23rd St.
~ Joint repairs resulted in joint openings that were too large for evazote joint seals.
 ~ Performance of standard expansion joint seals was satisfactory.
 ~ A cost comparison suggested that replacing armored evazote joints with standard expansion joint seals with hold-down plates would be a possible means of addressing the problem.
 ~ Spalls observed at the epoxy coated ends of the prestressed girders.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will review the policy for using armored evazote joints with the goal to replace them with expansion joint seals with hold-down plates.
~ Joints in service for approx 5 yrs.
 ~ Armored joint angles separated from elastomeric concrete.
 ~ Joints were repaired by removing the angles and using only elastomeric concrete.
 ~ Cored slab bridge with a drainage system.
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