Structures Field Review Site 05 2014Mitchell, Bridge on US 19 over Clinchfield RR and North Toe River


Bridge repair site; contract plans specify replacing existing joints at Bent 3 and Bent 6 with foam joint seals; joint openings were not modified (no saw cutting or reforming required); V-seals from D.S. Brown were installed instead of foam joints; V-seal membrane was separating from joint openings at both bents in several locations

Action Items:

· Verify that the D.S. Brown V-seal is reclassified as “Under Evaluation” on the Approved Product List

· If  the use of V-seals is continued, standardize the procedure to size the joint opening for various installation temperatures

· Address surface preparation in the V-seal Project Special Provision



Debris was present inside the joint openings at both bents

Action Item:

Investigate current bridge deck washing practices; determine environmental impacts and requirements that may need to be addressed


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