Structures Field Review Site 07 2010Lenoir, New bridges on new route west of Kinston between US 70 and NC 58
~ The Geotechnical Unit noted that steeper slopes between the end bents for structures #2 and #3and the MSE walls would have reduced the surface area of MSE wall.
 ~ It was suggested that driving piles for future widening was preferred over the hollow pipe blockout typically used.
 ~ Underside of top flange of bulb-tee girders spalled when drilling holes for overhang falsework hangers. It was suggested that forming the holes with PVC pipe may be preferable.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will bring up the holes for overhang falsework hangers issue for discussion at the next PCI-DOT Joint Committee meeting.
~ 12 bridges, 5 culverts and 4 walls
 ~ Girders at Structure #11 and Structure #12 were not properly seated on the bearings once the diaphragms were installed.
 ~ Structure #10 has a 0.07 superelevation bridge deck on metal sip forms. Structures #2 and #3 are curved steel girders.
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