Structures Field Review Site 13 2010Pitt, Replacement for Bridges #127 and #129 on SR1565 over the Tar River
 ~ Pipe piles had two splices in the exposed area of the piles.
 ~ The Standard Specifications permit no more than 2 splices, but does not specify minimum pile piece length.
 ~ It was suggested that Contractors make an effort to ensure the splice is driven to an elevation below ground and/or field metalize areas that require corrosion protection repairs.
 ~ Three companies are approved to perform field metalizing and that Materials and Tests is working to increasing that number.
 A/I ~ Structure Design will bring up pile piece lengths and pile splice repairs for discussion at the next AGC-DOT Joint Bridge Committee meeting.
~ 20 span prestressed girder bridge over the Tar River.
 ~ Closed drainage system on both sides of the bridge over the entire length.
 ~ Foundation types range from drilled piers to pipe piles.
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