Structures Field Review Site 08a 2015Brunswick/New Hanover CountyWilmington Dual Bridges on US-17 (Wilmington Bypass) over Cape Fear River (Eastern End of Bridge)


Cracking in precast deck panels.  Possibly overstressing during shipping and handling.

Action Item

During inspection, Materials and Tests will increase efforts to check for excessive cracking in precast deck panels.  Resident Engineers, Area Bridge Construction Engineers, and Inspectors will increase efforts to check before placement on the girders.


Reinforcing steel extending from bottom flanges of prestressed concrete girders noted to be congested in some locations and bent out of plane in other locations.  These bars tie into concrete continuous for live load bent diaphragms.  On numerous existing bridges in service, moderate to severe concrete spalling at these diaphragm locations is noted during inspection.

Action Item

Structures will investigate the design and details for continuous for live load bent diaphragms.

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