• Application Info

    ​To access the application, you will need to complete the short form found on this webpage. An automated email with a link to your application will be delivered to the provided email address. 

    Helpful tips:

    1) The link to your application will remain active so you can access your application as needed. Be sure to save that email & link for your convenience. 

    2) Within the application will be an option to "Save and Return to Later" or "Submit for Review." Use these options to set the status of your application appropriately. Only applications with the status "Submit for Review" will be reviewed by IMD.

    3) To access your application, you may be prompted to resubmit your email to receive a security verification code. This code may ​appear in your spam folder (typcially with Gmail users). Your email provider should have options to "whitelist" the account sending the verification code to avoid future issues receiving the code.

    4) IMPORTANT: Be sure to review the eligiblity requirements linked to below. Eligibity to each plan type is based on the population of the applying jurisdiction. Applications to inelgible plan types will be at risk of being rejected. 

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