• Regional Bicycle Plans

    ​NCDOT's Bicycle and Pedestrian Division provides funding and technical assistance to develop comprehensive regional bicycle plans.  The plans may focus on both on-road and off-road bicycle connections between origins and destinations, such as municipal jurisdictions, recreational resources and other points of interest, within a defined multi-county region. These connections identify improvements primarily to existing roadways, but may potentially locate preferred alignments through public lands or new developments for greenways and rail trails.

    The plans are typically developed over a two-year time period and guided by a broad group of stakeholders. Participants commonly include municipal representatives, NCDOT, regional planning entities, state parks, bicycling groups, business interests, and other special groups.

    The primary goals of the regional plans are to:

    • identify an integrated system of on-road (and off-road, where applicable) connectivity that is safe, accessible and pleasant to use
    • encourage regional coordination of bicycle improvements that enhance bicyclist access, mobility and safety
    • put forward creative solutions that overcome barriers to i​mplementation of projects and programs
    • promote policies and guidelines that assure the integration of bicycle accommodations in state, regional and local highway and bridge projects; infrastructure improvements on public lands, such as state and national park and forest lands
    • identify project and program recommendations that are realistic, well-informed and implementable
    • promote healthy lifestyles
    • contribute to local economic development in regions throughout the state 

    See map for plans completed or underway. Click here to open Map.


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    Below is a list of completed plans.  Please click the link to download.

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