• Plan Information


    What is it? A project acceleration plan is an abbreviated plan that focuses on priority bicycle, pedestrian, and multimodal project identification and project implementation.

    How is it helpful? Project acceleration plans focus on efficiently identifying multimodal projects and implementation steps to foster a more walkable, bikeable and transit-friendly environment in communities that might otherwise have difficulty resourcing or funding a multimodal network plan.

    Who is it for? A project acceleration plan is meant for municipalities with a population of 9,999 or less.​

  • When to Choose This Type of Plan

    A project acceleration study could be selected in place of a multimodal network plan when a local municipality with a population of 9,999 or less has limited time and budget and would like an abbreviated process to identify  the top priority projects most likely to move forward to implementation.  This could also be a good fit for a municipality that has recently completed extensive planning and public stakeholder engagement, along with transportation needs evaluation as part of another study (i.e. a comprehensive plan or a CTP) but would like to identify and further prepare for implementation of priority bicycle, pedestrian, and multimodal projects.​​

  • Project Deliverables

    ​> Recommended project inventory organized by category, with cost estimates

    > Prioritized list and maps of short-term and long-term multimodal improvements

    > 5 to 10 priority project cutsheets

    > Implementation plan​​​
  • Eligibility Table

    Eligibility Table
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