• About the NCDOT Statewide Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan

    The North Carolina Department of Transportation developed this plan with a vision for the future of bicycling and walking in North Carolina. Important tasks included reviewing the current status of bicycling and walking in this state, researching appropriate strategies for improvement, and identifying the most efficient avenues to apply those strategies.

  • The Plan and You

    Imagine a community where your kids can walk or bike safely to school; where your family can take an evening stroll; where you can make a quick trip to the grocery store without getting in the car. We have created a blueprint for improving walking and bicycling for North Carolina communities.
    Investing in sidewalks, bike lanes and greenways add many benefits to a community at relatively low cost:
    • Promote physical, mental and social well-being by providing outdoor places to relax, exercise and socialize.
    • Provide easy walking or bicycling connections between neighborhoods, schools, parks and trails.
    • Increase property values, promote tourism and foster local businesses by encouraging foot traffic.
    • Improve overall quality of life.
    Other benefits include reduced traffic congestion, fewer vehicle crashes and improved air quality. State agencies also benefit from less wear on roads, which leads to lower costs and more efficient use of our transportation network.
  • Why Create a Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan?

    Walking and bicycling are two popular and universal forms of activity, yet there is a lack of access to safe places for these activities.  Planning for walking and bicycling – whether for recreation, exercise, or transportation – helps to create a safer, more efficient network everyone can use. Visit the website NCDOT Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan for more information.
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