• Mission Statement

    Develop and implement an interagency leadership plan for North Carolina to balance successfully mobility, natural and cultural resource protection, community values, and economic vitality at the confluence of our missions.​

  • Goals

    Through a series of work sessions, the North Carolina Interagency Leadership Team has identified the top concerns and issues facing transportation, the environment and the economy in North Carolina.  Those discussions helped form the mission and the team goals.

    Goal 1:     Develop a shared, comprehensive Geographic Information System.

    Goal 2:     Partner with local governments and other stakeholders to integrate local land use and long-range transportation planning as well as applicable environmental and economic planning initiatives to meet mobility, economic and environmental goals.

    Goal 3:     Improve the Merger 01 Process.

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  • Role of the Team

    The North Carolina Interagency Leadership Team meets to ensure that the strategies agreed upon are being implemented by the different work groups and that the strategies are generating the desired goals.

    • The team addresses new areas for improvement and avenues to discuss policies, regulations and laws that affect the agencies.
    • The team provides an outlet for the representatives to discuss how the new measures are working after implementation and it provides a forum for the different agencies to bring forth areas of concern.
    • The team also keeps track of new initiatives started at the different agencies that may impact the other members or duplicate efforts already underway at the statewide level.
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