• Draft Merger Process for Interagency Review


    The MMT appreciates th​e comments received on the proposed Merger MOU and guidance documentation. Our MMT responses to the comments are now posted online here: 2022 Merger Comment Responses. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these comment responses. 
    Based on the comments and our collective interests in beginning to implement the updated processes, we anticipate signing the MOU shortly and subsequently rolling out the final guidance and training materials.  Thank you again for all of your input that has helped us shape these updates, from the initial brainstorming sessions to detailed review of the draft guidance.  We look forward to continual improvement to the Merger Process that helps us all achieve the best possible outcomes for NCDOT projects!

    SEPTEMBER 2022

    ​The Merger Management Team (MMT - made up of NCDOT, USACE, NCDWR and FHWA staff) have worked hard to review and improve our processes. These September 2022 drafts provide updates to the Process, enhanced guidance documents, and will frame future training modules. We are releasing these drafts to encourage interagency review and get comments incorporated throughout all these products.​

    DRAFT 2022 Guidance

    DRAFT 2022 Roles and Responsibilities (also included in guidance document above)

    DRAFT 2022 Glossary

    Please note that these are drafts - there are minor formatting glitches, missing hyperlinks, etc. that we are aware of and addressing.

    Comments will be collected via an online form, at https://forms.office.com/g/dBuLBpmNvG.  We respectfully request comments be provided by Friday, October 14, 2022.  We want this process to work well for all of us, so please provide clear and concise comments so the MMT can produce the best possible final products!  (The MMT plans to provide a summary of all comments and responses as we finalize the MOU and guidance)​

    For reference, the Current 2012 MOU and 2012 Merger Process Information Package (and other guidance documents) can be found elsewhere on this page. 

    Please feel free to call John Jamison at 919-707-6140 with any questions, or you may email EPU@ncdot.gov as well.  

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