• Proper Pipe Installation

    Proper pipe installation includes foundation preparation, pipe placement, proper backfill, and compaction. Doing the job correct the first time is essential to cost effectiveness.

    Video is in two parts. 
  • Winter Operations

    The proper installation and calibration of equipment are both necessary steps in being prepared for winter events. Proper cleanup of equipment is critical for life expectancy of equipment and protection of the environment.

    Video is in two parts. 
  • Maintenance Brine Training Video

    North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Anti-icing Program is the first step in a series of operations to ensure every effort is made to make our roadways safe during a winter weather event.

    This video will take you through the Department’s anti-icing operational process including the production, distribution and clean up operations. The methodology presented here is the generally accepted and most preferred practice for the Department’s brine operations.​
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