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Returned for more informationC204475 (B-5619) Bridge 152, Placement of crane on bridge for Topdown construction - First SubmittalLenoir5/9/20225/11/20226/3/2022
AcceptedTwo Bar Aluminum Rail - Second SubmittalWake5/11/20225/11/2022
Under ReviewC204412, U-5026 - High Mast Pole for Rocky Mount Design Build - First SubmittalNash5/11/2022
ACCEPTEDFalsework and Formwork for Four Culverts (Spanall) - Single 10'x8' RCBC, Single 10'x7' RCBC,Single 8'x6' RCBC, Triple 10'x10' RCBC  - First SubmittalRutherford5/11/20226/2/2022
Return for corrections - See EmailGroup 4 - C204096 / U-2525C - Transmittal #00013, overhead sign design for StructuresGuilford5/11/20226/8/2022
Accepted - See EmailShop drawings for the overhead sign structures - 6 Span Type, 2 Cantilever - Second SubmittalCarteret, Craven5/11/20225/18/2022
Recommend AcceptanceNCR Submittal for B3 and B4 for Wilson County Cast 4-8-22 (protruding bars starting at 2’ 8-1/4”instead of 5’6”"as designedWILSON5/11/20226/1/2022
Accepted - See emailShop drawings for the overhead sign structures - 6 Span Type, 2 Cantilever - Second SubmittalCarteret, Craven5/11/20225/18/2022
Reviewed Under Y05062BSole Plates and Anchor Bolts (Bearings) - First submittalForsyth5/11/20226/20/2022
Reviewed under Y05062AAnchor Sleeves - First submittalForsyth5/11/20226/20/2022
Comments sent to AlmondTemporary Soil Nail Walls - End Bent 2A, Stage II  - Second SubmittalMecklenburg5/12/20225/26/2022
AcceptedC204639 - Request to use SurePoxy 116 for Epoxy Injection - First SubmittalRobeson5/12/20226/1/2022
accepted - see emailPrestress concrete deck panels - First submittalNew Hanover5/12/20226/6/2022
Accepted - See EmailC204197 Submittals - Bridge 23 Expansion Joint Shop Drawings - First SubmittalJohnston, Wake5/12/20225/31/2022
Accepted - See EmailPIPE# 78 - shop drawings for Aluminum Structural Plate Headwall and pipe culvert plans.ROCKINGHAM5/12/20226/8/2022
See RemarksS-375 - Str 2 Piper Hanger_Deck Drain System - First submittalWake5/12/20225/12/20226/6/2022
Under ReviewC204639 - Joint Openings for Foam Seals - First SubmittalRobeson5/12/20225/25/2022
AcceptedC204543 - #SP-ST-17-2 Revision 0 Expansion Joint Shop Drawings - Mingo Swamp - First submittalHarnett, Johnston5/13/20226/7/2022
AcceptedC204543 - #1072-5 Revision 0: Mingo Swamp Intermediate Diaphragms - Shop Drawings - First submittalHarnett, Johnston5/13/20225/23/2022
Accepted  See EmailC204480 - Concrete Girder Shop Drawings (54 Inch Prestressed Girders - 7 members)  - First submittalROCKINGHAM5/13/20226/2/2022
Defer To ResidentC204543 - #SP-ST-62A-1 Revision 0: Y18 E. Main PPC Overlay - Contacts, Qualifications & Equipment - First submittalHarnett, Johnston5/13/20225/27/2022
Comments sent to Majid KhazaeiC204197 - R-2828 Structure 1 MSE Wall Shop Drawings and Calculation - First SubmittalJohnston, Wake5/13/20225/26/2022
Under ReviewC204543 - #SP-ST-62A-2 Revision 0 Y18 E. Main PPC Overlay - PPC Product Information - First submittalHarnett, Johnston5/13/2022
Defer To ResidentC204543 - #SP-ST-62A-3 Revision 0: Y18 E. Main PPC Overlay - PPC Placement Plan - First submittalHarnett, Johnston5/13/20226/8/2022
AcceptedLaminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads - 10 Type IV Pafd - First SubmittalMcdowell5/13/20225/13/20225/19/2022
Accepted-See EmailC204446 B-4626  - Structural Steel Shop Drawing - Second SubmittalDavidson, Rowan, Stanly5/13/20225/24/2022
Accepted - See EmailSubmittal #30 - Superstructure  - Tied Arch Pedestrian Bridge Revision ACatawba5/13/20226/6/2022
Accepted as NotedLaminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads - 32 Type IV Pafd - First SubmittalNash5/13/20225/18/2022
See EOR's commentsRFI 14: Wing Wall ElevationForsyth5/16/20225/26/2022
Takes No Exceptionselastomeric concrete certificationsRobeson5/16/20226/13/2022
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