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concur with comments - no exceptionsField Changes - Submittal 246-SUB-013R4 Jacking Plans Revision 4 Addendum # 1Orange10/2/201910/2/201910/3/2019
Comments sent to Dean HardisterTemporary Shoring Wall # 2 C204255 AlleghanyAlleghany10/2/201910/2/201910/16/2019
Accepted as Notedlaminated elastomeric bearing pads - 40 pads - First submittalJohnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/15/2019
Handled by Materials and TestsQuality Control Plan (Revision A) - Second SubmittalCarteret10/3/201910/3/201910/8/2019
Acceptedlaminated elastomeric bearing pads - 20 pads - First submittalJohnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/15/2019
Accepted-See EmailSubmittal S-FOL-024 Structures 1 & 2  45" FIBeam (PPC girder)Cumberland, Robeson10/3/201910/3/201910/15/2019
return for correctionsProposal For Crane to Sit on Span "A" for Setting Span "B" Cored Slab Units - First SubmittalDavidson, Stokes, Rowan,10/3/201910/14/2019
Returned for correctionSubmittal 036.0 - Grid Deck Panel Replacement Work Plan and SequenceNew Hanover10/3/201910/3/201910/15/2019
Accepted as NotedSite 10 Bearing Pad Shop Drawing - Submittal 153Johnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/17/2019
Accepted as NotedSite 7 Bearing Pad Shop Drawing - Submittal 151Johnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/17/2019
Accepted as Noted See EmailSite 4 Bearing Pad Shop Drawing - Submittal 149Johnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/9/2019
Accepted as Noted- See Emaillaminated elastomeric bearing pads - 10 pads - First submittalJohnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/15/2019
Returned for Correctionscrane on bridge span "B" for setting span "A" cored slab unitsRowan7/29/201910/3/201910/11/2019
accepted as notedlaminated elastomeric bearing pads - 16 pads - First submittalJohnston, Wake10/3/201910/3/201910/15/2019
Take no exceptionRFI:  Request Verification for use of ASTM F1554 Gr. 105 BoltsJohnston, Wake10/3/201910/4/201910/10/2019
Accepted-See EmailSubmittal 155 - Site 5 Pre-stressed Concrete Girder DrawingsJohnston, Wake10/4/201910/10/2019
Accepted as notedC204203 Submittal 037.0 - Timing Hub Adjust CouplingNew Hanover10/4/201910/4/201910/30/2019
Partly Returned for correctionC204203 Submittal 038.0 - Square D Electrical EquipmentNew Hanover10/4/201910/4/201910/11/2019
AcceptedC204203 Submittal 022.1 - Submarine Cable Run #2 REV1New Hanover10/4/201910/4/201910/11/2019
Accepted-See EmailShored MSE retaining wall - Sine Wall type - Third submittalForsyth10/4/201910/4/201910/10/2019
Accepted See Emailfabricated metal stay-in-place forms two-span MBT girder bridgeIredell10/7/201910/7/201910/21/2019
Accepted as notedC204203 Submittal 040.1 - Submarine Cable Platform Extensions Rev01New Hanover10/7/201910/7/201910/23/2019
Accepte as notedC204203 Submittal 032.1 - Metalizing Cathodic Protection Plan REV1New Hanover10/7/201910/7/201910/16/2019
Accepted as notedC204203 Submittal 040.0 - Submarine Cable Platform Extension Shop DrawingsNew Hanover10/7/201910/7/2019
AcceptedC204203 Submittal 039.0 - Messenger Cable Temp Work PlatformNew Hanover10/7/201910/7/201910/30/2019
Accepted as Noted - See emailBearing Reset Plates - Second Submittal - Revision of Oct 7Carteret10/7/201910/7/201910/8/2019
accepted as noted - see emailstandard three-line bridge rail system for 137'-4 5/8" structureForsyth10/8/201910/8/201910/29/2019
No exceptions takenEpoxy for Bearing Pads - Sikadur Injection GelOrange10/8/201910/8/201910/17/2019
Comments sent to Dean HardisterCast-In-Place Cantilever Retaining WallsCatawba10/8/201911/4/2019
Accepted as NotedSubmittal 157 - Site 10 2-Bar Metal Rail Shop DrawingsJohnston, Wake10/8/201910/8/201910/14/2019
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