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Accepted - See EmailBladen C204558 - shop drawings for the 78" FIB concrete girders - (Spans A Thru H)Bladen3/24/20214/19/2021
Accepted as Noted See EmailDL00177 Bridge #135 over Mayne Creek - Shop drawings and detensioning sequence for both spansCLEVELAND3/25/20214/15/2021
No exceptions & differ to EORRFI:  Proposal to change hauling sequenceJohnston, Wake3/25/20214/1/2021
Accepted As Noted - See Emailtemporary detour structure - Acrow type - 26-ft roadway x 130-ft single-span - superstructure only - First SubmittalIredell3/25/20213/25/20214/21/2021
Accepted See EmailCS-236 Site 8 & 9 SIP Shop Drawings 2021 03 23 - fabricated metal stay-in-place forms  - First SubmittalCumberland, Harnett3/25/20214/8/2021
AcceptableRFI:  Proposal to Use Through Bolts to Install Omitted Parapet Ferrule Basket - Hardware for Precast Concrete Fascia PanelsForsyth3/26/20213/26/20213/31/2021
ApprovedC204203 -Submittal – 111.0 - Bridge to Underground Sewer Line Tie InNew Hanover3/26/20213/30/2021
Accepted - See EmailMSE retaining walls at bridge end bents - RECo type - First submittalForsyth3/26/20213/26/20214/8/2021
Accepted-See E-mailoverhead sign support design - 1 span type and 1 cantilever assemblyDurham, Wake3/26/20214/5/2021
AcceptedI-4700_Submittal 0266_CIP Moment Slab Design at Inlet -  1st SubmittalBuncombe, Henderson3/28/20214/20/2021
No Exceptions TakenBalancing Procedure - First SubmittalPerquimans3/29/20214/16/2021
Under ReviewC2041327/R-2247EB - B-183 - Temporary Soil Nail Wall (Walls 1, 2 & 3) - First submittalForsyth3/29/20213/29/2021
Not ReviewedC204197 Submittals - R-2828 Rev2 to RFC Sound Barrier Wall Structure Plans and Added details NW55A at bridge 7A and NW60 at bridge 9A - First SubmittalJohnston, Wake3/29/20214/22/2021
Acceptedintermediate diaphragms - 12 steel channel assemblies - First SubmittalSampson3/29/20214/8/2021
See Reviewer's CommentsPlatform Rails - First SubmittalPerquimans3/29/20214/14/2021
Comments to GEUValue Engineering Retaining Wall - First SubmittalJackson3/30/20213/30/20214/15/2021
AcceptedC204534 Duplin County, Bridge #82 fabricated metal stay-in-place form placing plans - First SubmittalDuplin3/30/20214/19/2021
acceptedC204534 Duplin County, Bridge #82 steel sole plates, anchor rods, diaphragm assemblies - First SubmittalDuplin3/30/20214/20/2021
Accepted See EmailAnson DJ00373 Precast CulvertAnson3/30/20214/14/2021
Accepted See EmailNoise Wall 12 (Post 95) - Second SubmittalMecklenburg3/31/20213/31/20214/7/2021
Under ReviewLighting Protection - First SubmittalPerquimans3/31/20213/31/2021
Accepted as Noted - See EmailC204412 -U-5026 / R-5720 - AASHTO Type III Prestressed concrete Girders shop drawingsNash3/31/20214/13/2021
Acceptedintermediate diaphragms - 12 steel channel assemblies - First SubmittalSampson4/1/20214/8/2021
comments sent to GEU (Dean Hardister)I-4700_Submittal 0268_RW10 Soil Nail Shop Drawings -  1st SubmittalBuncombe, Henderson4/1/20214/21/2021
Forwarded to Dan O'Conner for ReviewHydrodemolition and Water Control Plan - First SubmittalMecklenburg4/1/2021
Under ReviewDeck Overhang Falsework and Traffic Protection for Two Span 63-Inch FIB Girder Bridge (Stage 1 and  Stage 2) - First SubmittalMecklenburg4/2/20214/2/2021
Under ReviewEB-5750 City Walk Iconic Bridge Rail - First SubmittalCatawba4/4/2021
see remarksUnder Deck Containment and Formwork for Class III Repairs - First SubmittalBuncombe4/5/20215/6/2021
Accepted- See EmailBiltmore Farms - Steel Girders Shop DrawingsBuncombe4/5/20214/28/2021
AcceptedC204490 - Overhang Desing, shop drawings and Traffic ProtectionYadkin, Forsyth4/5/20214/14/2021
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