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Electronic Bidding File9/19/2023"2024CPT.05.02.10351.1 ETC." C204894Franklin, WakeAwarded8/22/2023 4:38 PM
William M. Gwyn1.0
Electronic Bidding File9/19/2023U-5312 45446.3.1 C204841WilkesAwarded8/22/2023 4:38 PM
William M. Gwyn1.0
Electronic Bidding File9/19/2023R-5705A 46377.3.1 C204785HarnettAwarded8/22/2023 4:38 PM
William M. Gwyn1.0
Invitation to Bid9/19/2023September 19, 2023 Invitation to BidAwarded8/23/2023 10:30 AM
William M. Gwyn2.0
DBE File9/19/2023DBE FileAwarded8/23/2023 10:30 AM
William M. Gwyn2.0
Harrnett_R-5705A_C204785 Addendum No.1.pdf
Addendum9/19/2023Harrnett_R-5705A_C204785 Addendum No.1HarnettAwarded9/6/2023 11:14 AM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
Electronic Bidding Addendum9/19/2023R-5705A 46377.3.1 C204785HarnettAwarded9/7/2023 10:35 AM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
Wilkes_U-5312_C204841 Addendum No.1.pdf
Addendum9/19/2023Wilkes_U-5312_C204841 Addendum No.1WilkesAwarded9/12/2023 2:42 PM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
15BPR1253_C204488_Cherokee_Pulled from Letting.pdf
Withdrawn Project9/19/202315BPR1253_C204488_CherokeeCherokeeAwarded9/12/2023 2:43 PM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
Electronic Bidding Addendum9/19/2023Wilkes U-5312 45446.3.1 C204841WilkesAwarded9/13/2023 10:15 AM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
2024CPT.05.01.20921.1_C204896_Wake_Pulled from Letting.pdf
Withdrawn Project9/19/2023Wake 2024CPT.05.01.20921.1_C204896 Withdrawn LetterAwarded9/19/2023 12:33 PM
William M. Gwyn1.0
Item C 230919.pdf
Item C9/19/2023Item C Awarded9/19/2023 3:16 PM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
HARNETT R-5705A C204785.pdf
Award Letter9/19/2023HARNETT R-5705A C204785HarnettAwarded10/2/2023 8:39 AM
Lisa E. Penny1.0
WILKES U-5312 C204841.pdf
Rejection Letter9/19/2023WILKES U-5312 C204841WilkesAwarded10/2/2023 8:40 AM
Lisa E. Penny1.0
Franklin_Wake_2024CPT.05.02.10351.1 C204894.pdf
Contract Information9/19/2023Franklin_Wake_2024CPT.05.02.10351.1 C204894Franklin, WakeAwarded11/2/2023 12:21 PM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
Harnett_R-5705A C204785.pdf
Contract Information9/19/2023Harnett_R-5705A C204785HarnettAwarded11/2/2023 12:24 PM
Malcolm J. Bell1.0
Award Letter9/19/2023FRANKLIN WAKE C204894Franklin, WakeAwarded11/2/2023 2:10 PM
Lisa E. Penny2.0
L230919  Bid Tabs.xls
Bid Tab Sheet9/19/2023Bid Tabs Awarded11/2/2023 2:10 PM
Malcolm J. Bell2.0
Bid Tabs 2309 Post.pdf
Bid Tab Sheet9/19/2023Bid TabsAwarded11/2/2023 2:10 PM
Malcolm J. Bell3.0