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  • About the Design-Build Program

    The Design-Build group administers the Department's Design-Build Program and, in concert with the Design-Build Executive Committee, authorizes and implements the use of Design-Build on a wide variety of projects. The Department utilizes the design-build concept to complete projects faster and save taxpayer money through innovative approaches to design and construction.  The design-build method allows the design, environmental permitting, right of way acquisition, utility relocation and construction to take place under one contract, which reduces overall construction time, helps the department avoid cost inflation, lessens environmental impact and alleviates driving delays for motorists.

    The Design-Build process involves a two-stage evaluation process which consists of shortlisting contractors and determining the best value proposal by evaluating proposed designs. The Express Design-Build Program is also a two-stage process, but is reserved for bridge replacement and other small projects and selection is made based on the lowest bid. The Design-Build Group is comprised of Engineers from a variety of disciplines to efficiently develop contracts, review plans, and ensure the use of equitable evaluation criteria.

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