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    • Anyone noting corrections, additions, or deletions should contact Nadia A. Al-Dhalimy at 919-707-4628.
    • Division Engineers should keep Nadia A. Al-Dhalimy advised of the TENTATIVE letting dates for contract resurfacing projects and any other project that is controlled by the Division.
    • It should be understood that each project is subject to funds being made available in the various categories invoiced and within priorities established by the Board of Transportation.
    • The detailed schedule for each of the projects will be monitored closely. If variations occur, those responsible will report the item involved to his supervisor as soon as possible. 


    For long term project information through the next five years, see Anticipated Lettings. This is an unfiltered list of projects currently scheduled for let. The list can be filtered and sorted on numerous criteria. It is frequently updated, therefore may occasionally disagree with monthly letting lists as schedules change. All schedules are subject to change.

 Archived Let Dates

  • About the list

    NCDOT publishes a monthly Tentative Letting Lists that is used to coordinate contract lettings for the next year. Projects are closely monitored to ensure schedules are met. The Tentative Letting Lists​ are extremely valuable to the construction industry as well as the Division of Highways construction staff for planning manpower and equipment needs. It also provides the basis for short-term budget projections.
    Nadia A. Al-Dhalimy, Ph.D., PE​​
    Project Management Engineer- Project Management Unit
    Bill Martin, PE
    Project Management Unit Head
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