• NCDOT Aggregate Bid Submission Site Start Page

    ​Welcome to the NCDOT Aggregate Bid Submission site start page.  Here you’ll be able to get access and submit your bid online, without the need for paper.  You’ll need an NCID login and password to access the site, and that NCID has to be granted permission to access the site, but NCDOT is here to help you with that.

    Use the green button to the right to access the site if you’ve been given access by DOT’s team.  If you haven’t, use the link and form under ‘Get Access’ to the right to get authorized. We recommend signing up at least 72 hours before the close of the bid to verify NCDOT has time to add you to the site.

    Once you’re signed in, you’ll see a simple form to type your information.  Don’t forget to attach your bid document.  You should receive a confirmation email (to the Email Address associated with your NCID) confirming submission.  You won’t be able to change your document after it’s submitted.

 Aggregate Bidding Documents

In this list, you will find by Bid Number; current Bid Postings, Awards, Q&A, and any Addendums that have been issued for bids. 
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC- 12018484 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11958662 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11958663 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11958664 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11959765 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11961718A ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11963062 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11972673 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11974806 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11975241 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-11976107 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12014196 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12018489B ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12029014 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54RC12031324 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12032166 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12034916 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12035830 ‎(1)
collapse Bid Number : 54-RC-12040723 ‎(1)

 Access Submission Site

For existing users who have been granted access to the site via their NCID, follow this link.
Click Here to Enter Site
  • Get Access

    ​New Users will need a business NCID to sign in. Follow these steps to get your NCID and access to the site.

    1. Click this link to get your business NCID. https://connect.ncdot.gov/getaccount/
    2. Respond to NCID confirmation email.
    3. Complete the Enter NCID form below to have your NCID added to the site.

 Enter NCID

Enter your NCID here to get access to the Aggregate Bid Submission Site.

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