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IMAP Sponsorship

IMAP Safety Service Patrol sponsorship though a private sponsor for routes in various counties in North Carolina.

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IMAP  Addendum No.1 COMPARED to FRFP 11-13-14.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
11/13/2014 10:30 AM1731
Request For Proposals11/13/2014 10:31 AMMckeithan, Robert E
IMAP Award Letter.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
2/9/2015 2:53 PM1733
Award Letter2/9/2015 2:54 PMMckeithan, Robert E
IMAP Final RFP includes Addendum No.1 11-13-14.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
11/13/2014 10:33 AM1732
Request For Proposals11/13/2014 10:34 AMMckeithan, Robert E
IMAP Routes.aspx
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
10/1/2014 10:35 AM1725
Maps10/1/2014 11:03 AMMckeithan, Robert E
IMAP Sponsorship Final RFP 10-29-14 COMPARED to Ind  Draft RFP.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
10/29/2014 2:12 PM1730
Request For Proposals10/29/2014 2:13 PMMckeithan, Robert E
IMAP Sponsorship Final RFP 10-29-14.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
10/29/2014 8:39 AM1729
Request For Proposals10/29/2014 8:39 AMMckeithan, Robert E
IMAP Sponsorship Industry Draft RFP 10-1-14.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
10/1/2014 4:06 PM1727
Request For Proposals10/1/2014 4:08 PMEdward M. Morrison
IMAP timeline 10-27-14.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
10/27/2014 4:44 PM1728
Timeline10/27/2014 4:46 PMMckeithan, Robert E
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
8/13/2015 10:17 AM1734
Proposers8/13/2015 10:20 AMEdward M. Morrison
Special Notice for IMAP.pdf
AwardedIMAP SponsorshipNoNoYes
10/1/2014 2:32 PM1726
Notice10/1/2014 2:32 PMMckeithan, Robert E