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3_3_2021 Bids As Read.pdf
POCBid SummaryBids As ReadLet3/3/2021 2:22 PMSlachta, Christopher E3/3/2021 2:22 PMSlachta, Christopher E
POCAddendumSouthport Ferry Terminal Dock Replacement & Rip Rap (MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE)BrunswickLet2/19/2021 3:14 PMDA00495POCSlachta, Christopher E2/19/2021 3:13 PMSlachta, Christopher E
POCAward LetterLet3/10/2021 11:49 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E3/10/2021 11:49 AMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00495_Bid Tabs.pdf
POCBid Tab SheetLet3/10/2021 11:51 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E3/10/2021 11:50 AMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00495_Invitation to Bid.pdf
POCInvitation to BidSouthport Ferry Terminal Dock Replacement & Rip Rap (MANDATORY PRE-BID CONFERENCE)BrunswickLet1/27/2021 8:21 AMDA00495POCSlachta, Christopher E1/27/2021 8:20 AMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00495_Permit (Dock).pdf
POCPermitLet1/27/2021 8:22 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E1/27/2021 8:22 AMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00495_Permit (Rip Rap).pdf
POCPermitLet1/27/2021 8:23 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E1/27/2021 8:23 AMSlachta, Christopher E
POCPlansLet1/27/2021 8:25 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E1/27/2021 8:24 AMSlachta, Christopher E
POCContract InformationLet2/11/2021 9:02 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E2/11/2021 9:01 AMSlachta, Christopher E
POCBid RosterLet2/11/2021 8:59 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E2/11/2021 8:58 AMSlachta, Christopher E
POCProposalsLet1/27/2021 8:27 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E1/27/2021 8:27 AMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00495_Rip Rap Location Drawing.pdf
POCContract InformationLet2/1/2021 10:07 AMDA00495Slachta, Christopher E2/1/2021 10:06 AMSlachta, Christopher E
POCDBE FileLet1/27/2021 8:18 AMSlachta, Christopher E1/27/2021 8:18 AMSlachta, Christopher E