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12_18_19 Bids As Read.pdf
POCBid SummaryLet12/18/2019 2:23 PMSlachta, Christopher E12/18/2019 2:23 PMSlachta, Christopher E
POCAddendumMining of Material from the Terminal Groin Area, South of Oregon Inlet, Located in Dare CountyDareLet12/13/2019 9:51 AMDA00484POCSlachta, Christopher E12/13/2019 9:50 AMSlachta, Christopher E
POCAward LetterLet12/19/2019 1:29 PMDA00484Slachta, Christopher E12/19/2019 1:28 PMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00484_Bid Tabs.pdf
POCBid Tab SheetLet12/19/2019 1:30 PMDA00484Slachta, Christopher E12/19/2019 1:29 PMSlachta, Christopher E
DA00484_CAMA Permit.pdf
POCPermitDA00484 - Terminal Groin Mining, South of Oregon Inlet, located in Dare CountyDareLet11/25/2019 2:47 PMDA00484POCSlachta, Christopher E11/25/2019 2:46 PMSlachta, Christopher E
POCInvitation to BidLet11/25/2019 2:49 PMDA00484Slachta, Christopher E11/25/2019 2:48 PMSlachta, Christopher E
POCPlansLet11/25/2019 2:49 PMDA00484Slachta, Christopher E11/25/2019 2:49 PMSlachta, Christopher E
POCProposalsLet11/25/2019 2:50 PMDA00484Slachta, Christopher E11/25/2019 2:50 PMSlachta, Christopher E