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Eligible nominations were made by North Carolina towns, cities, counties, universities/colleges, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), rural planning organization (RPOs), public transportation systems/authorities, airport authorities or councils of government.​

Projects had to have been constructed and put into operation (or service must have started) within the past five years (prior to the application deadline of Dec. 16, 2019).

Projects must have combined two or more of the following modes of transportation:

  • Aviation
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian
  • Ferry
  • Public Transportation
  • Rail
  • Roadway

Award Categories

A winner plus honorable mentions were chosen in each of these five categories:

  • Rural*
  • Urban*
  • Tourism*
  • Innovation
  • Most Voted Project

*The county in which the project is located determined which of these four categories the project competed in (this excludes innovation, which are categories open to all projects). 


Judging Criteria

All projects were entered into a new category this year, Most Voted Project, which allowed the public to vote on a winner and an honorable mention from among the applicants. For the other categories (Rural, Urban, Tourism and Innovation), a panel of experts from across North Carolina evaluated and selected winning projects based on how well the project:

  • Leveraged or spurred other public and private investment beyond the NCDOT investment
  • Boosted economic growth (business, tourism, etc.)
  • Created long-term jobs
  • Improved public health
  • Enhanced the community quality of life
  • Contributed to the community or state in other significant ways
8/27/2020 5:02 PM

2020 Mobi Award Winners

The top 2020 multimodal projects in five categories – Urban, RuralTourism, Innovation and Most Voted Project – were honored Aug. 5, 2020, during a virtual ceremony. The event was co-hosted by NC Go!the North Carolina Triangle Chapter of Women's Transportation Seminar and the N.C. State University Institute for Transportation Research and Education.

Urban Category Winner

Craven Street Transportation Improvements 
Nominated by French Broad Metropolitan Planning Organization 

This project connects to the larger greenway network in Asheville. It realigned the street so people could walk, bike or run the greenway while enjoying views of the river, visiting artist studios as well as restaurants, shops and breweries.


 Honorable Mentions

  • GoRaleigh Transit Service Expansion ​

  • University Pointe Boulevard: The I-85 South Bridge ​

Rural Category Winner

Granite ​City Greenway (Phase 3)
Surry County
Nominated by Northwest Piedmont Rural Planning Organization

This $6.5 million investment into the community has increased Sanford's overall accessibility and aesthetics by improving bicycle, pedestrian and roadway features in downtown. Sanford's Streetscape Project has spurred economic growth and development, stimulated business investments and provided a venue for several new events.


​Honorable Mentions

  • REACH Transit in Shelby​
  • Surf City Topsail Island Bridge Connector​

Tourism Category Winner

Albert J. Ellis Redevelopment Project 
Onslow County 
Nominated by Onslow County 

Onslow County redeveloped the airport's terminal which has boosted tourism, allowed businesses to expand and increased employment in the area. The airport is now a source of community pride and enhances the county's ability to attract new visitors, businesses and residents.


Honorable Mentions

  • Connecting Great Small Towns 
  • 1st Avenue Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements​

Innovation Category Winners

REACH Transit  
Nominated by Transportation Administration of Cleveland County

REACH Transit is a fixed route that runs in Shelby. Residents use this public transportation lifeline to get to medical facilities and pharmacies, grocery stores, and a community college. Many people were unable to access these places previously. 


Honorable Mentions

  • Craven Street Transportation Improvements  
  • Albert J. Ellis Redevelopment Project 

Most Voted Project Winner

Surf City Topsail Island Bridge Connector  
Surf City
Nominated by the Town of Surf City 

The Surf City Topsail Island Bridge Connector replaced the aging, 1950s-era steel truss drawbridge that served as a critical link between Surf City and Topsail Island. The new bridge has improved traffic flow and helped the local economies by enabling people to more easily access businesses in Surf City and Topsail Island.​


​​Honorable Mentions

  • Thermal Belt Rail Trail: Connecting Great Small Towns

8/27/2020 8:42 AM

The top 2019 multimodal projects in five categories – Urban, Suburban, Rural, Tourism and Innovation – were honored April 3, 2019, at an awards luncheon hosted by NCDOT and co-hosted by NC Go!, the North Carolina Triangle Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar and the N.C. State University Institute for Transportation Research and Education.


Urban Category Winner

LYNX Blue Line Extension Light Rail Project

Charlotte Area Transit System

The Blue Line Extension added 9.3 miles of rail, 11 new light rail stations and 3,100 parking spaces. It spans from Center City Charlotte to UNC-Charlotte Main Station and added 4 miles of road improvements, 8 miles of bicycle facilities and 10 miles of pedestrian accommodations. It has reduced traffic congestion, pollution and crashes on the city's roadways. It has also provided health benefits, saved citizens money and provided greater connectivity to the community.  


 ​Honorable Mentions

  • Charlotte for Charlotte Intermodal Facility
  • French Broad River MPO for Craven Street Transportation Improvements
  • City of Raleigh for Raleigh Union Station


Suburban Category Winner

Corolla Greenway Project Phase III
Currituck County


Phase III of the Corolla Greenway project added a 3-mile ADA-accessible extension onto the greenway, and it runs along N.C. Highway 12, where pedestrians formerly shared the road with motor vehicles. Since its completion, it has provided the community with a safer way of travel about the area, while adding more connectivity among residents and visitors.



Rural Category Winner

Downtown Streetscape Project

City of Sanford

This $6.5 million investment into the community has increased Sanford's overall accessibility and aesthetics by improving bicycle, pedestrian and roadway features in downtown. Sanford's Streetscape Project has spurred economic growth and development, stimulated business investments and provided a venue for several new events.


Honorable Mentions

  • Burke Flex Bus Services (Western Piedmont Council of Governments)
  • GWTA Transfer Center (Goldsboro-Wayne Transportation Authority)
  • Granite City Greenway Phase III (Northwest Piedmont Rural Planning Organization)


Tourism Category Winner

G.K. Butterfield Transportation Center

City of Greenville

The G.K. Butterfield Transportation Center serves as a central hub for citizens to use multiple forms of transportation. Since its creation, it has spurred economic development, attracted investments and provide more direct and easier access to the city's services. 


Honorable Mentions

  • Concord Charlotte Express (Concord Kannapolis Area Transit)
  • Albert J. Ellis Airport Redevelopment Project (Onslow County)
  • Ocracoke Island Tram System (Hyde County)

Innovation Category Winners

Corolla Village Road Sidewalk

Currituck County

The Corolla Village road sidewalk project added an extension and made improvements to a public beach access in Corolla. It has provided local citizens and visitors a pathway from the sound to the ocean, providing more connectivity in the community.




GoRaleigh Station Renovations
City of Raleigh

Formerly known as Moore Square Transit Mall, the GoRaleigh Station renovations were completed to provide the station much-needed updates since its creation in 1988. The facility is now completely ADA-accessible, and improvements include a pedestrian walkway, renovated public courtyard, new bus lanes with expanded bus platforms, additional seating, real-time video displays, security cameras, and accommodations for new CNG, hybrid, and all-electric buses.


Honorable Mentions

  • Long Branch Trail (City of Winston-Salem)
  • Howard Coble Intermodal Transportation Center (Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation)​

8/26/2020 3:38 PM

The NCDOT Mobi Awards recognizes projects that showcase the important and transformational role that investments in multimodal transportation – such as bicycle, pedestrian, rail, highway, transit, ferry and aviation projects - play in creating vibrant communities in all parts of North Carolina. 

Multimodal projects are an important piece of North Carolina's future. They connect people to places, provide alternative modes of travel and make the state more accessible, attractive and competitive. The NCDOT Mobi Awards represent a multimodal focus that is at the heart of the N.C. Department of Transportation's mission to leverage all of the state's transportation infrastructure to ensure a strong economy for future generations.

8/25/2020 2:52 PM


Application deadline: Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

Finalist notification: February 2020. The contact person listed for the selected projects in each category will be notified. Two free tickets to the awards luncheon will be provided for each finalist. The winners will be announced at the luncheon. Additional tickets will be available for purchase on a first come first served basis. Finalists must be present at the luncheon to win.

Winners announced: Aug. 5, 2020, noon, via YouTube video

7/9/2020 9:28 AM

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Event Hosts


The NCDOT Mobi Awards luncheon is hosted by the N.C. Department of Transportation and co-hosted by NC Go!, the North Carolina Triangle Chapter of Women’s Transportation Seminar and the N.C. State University Institute for Transportation Research and Education.

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