• ?I can sign in, but I don’t see my Team Site listed.

    Connect Team Site: 

    ​Please contact the NCDOT Representative who sent you the initial message about the Connect team site.  They’ll need to have your NCID added as an authorized user of the team site.  Be sure and include the NCID username you’re signing in with.

    ​SharePoint Online Team Site: 

    Please contact the NCDOT Representative who sent you the initial message about the SharePoint Online team site.  They’ll need to have your email added as an authorized user of the team site.  

  • ?The Connect NCDOT web site isn't working in my browser.

    Connect NCDOT is supported on the following modern desktop web browsers:

    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox

    Connect NCDOT is not supported with Internet Explorer. 

    The Connect NCDOT web site was designed to function in mobile web browsers as well. Currently supported operating systems include;

    • Apple IOS - Safari on iPhones and iPads
    • Google Android - Chrome on Android devices

    To use the interactive features of Connect NCDOT, please make sure your web browser has these enabled:​

    • Cookies
    • JavaScript
  • ?I am having issues downloading files from Connect NCDOT.

    If you are having issues downloading files, please contact the Team Site manager to make sure that your account has permission to access those files.

    Files downloaded from the Connect NCDOT web site can be opened and viewed in their respective software programs.

    Common types of downloadable files include;

    • Adobe Acrobat (File extension: .pdf)
    • Images (File extension: .jpg, .gif or .png)
    • Microsoft Word (File extension: .doc or .docx)
    • Microsoft Excel (File extension: .xls or .xlsx)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (File extension: .ppt or .pptx)
    • Multiple Files in a Folder (File extension: .zip)

    Most downloads are .pdf files & can be opened with Adobe Reader.

    Saving a file to your computer can be accomplished two ways;

    • Open the file in Adobe Reader and click the 'Save' button on the toolbar (see image below). The toolbar is located at the top or bottom of the screen.adobe-save-as.png
    The .pdf 'Save' button in Adobe Reader for Chrome.
    • Click with your right mouse button on the download link and choose 'Save link as' (or 'Save Target') from the menu that appears.

    'Save link as...' from the right-click menu in Chrome.
  • ?When I sign in I receive a blank white screen.

    ​This happens when your computer is configured with a lower security setting than our website allows.

    Connect NCDOT requires a modern browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.  Internet Explorer is not supported.

    Possible Fix:

    While NCDOT cannot compel you to change any settings on your computer, or be responsible for any affects it has on your machine, we believe following these steps will fix the issue. 

    You may need assistance from your in-house IT personnel to make this change.

    • Step 1Click Start, then Control Panel, then Administrative Tools
    • Step 2In the left-hand pane, expand the 'Local Policies' tree, and click on 'Security Options.'
    • Step 3In the right-hand pane, scroll down to 'Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level' and double-click it.
    • Step 4A dialog with a drop-down box will appear. Select 'Send NTLMv2 response only.'
    • Step 5Hit 'Ok'
    • Step 6Reconnect to the site


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