• • How do I setup Electronic Bidding with the Project Bids software?

  • • How do I access project files from NC Dept of Transportation's website?

    1. Navigate to NC Dept of Transportation's website Connect NCDOT
    2. Click on Bidding & Letting
    3. Locate the bidding location for the Let
    4. Click on appropriate Let
    5. Locate the EBSX file
    6. Click on the file or right click on the file to get all of the options available to download. Download the file, Save Target or Save Link depending on what options are available in your browser. Please note: the location you choose to save the file will be the same location you will navigate to later within the Project Bids software for opening.
    7. Open the EBSX File with the Project Bids software. Please note: should have the same location as your dbe_nc.bin file.
    Please remember to submit your bid electronically through Bid Express.
  • • How do I apply an addendum to my project file?

    Addendum files are available on the Bidding & Letting website Connect NCDOT under the appropriate letting location and letting date and through the Bid Express website.

    To apply the addendum file;

    1. Open Project Bids
    2. Open the appropriate ebsx project file via menu selections of File & Open or by clicking on the folder icon
    3. To apply addendum, choose Options File on the menu bar and Load Amendment. This will bring up a window for selecting the addendum file – browse and select the appropriate file and select open (the filename will match the ebsx file name for the same project except the file extension will be a number such as .001x instead of .ebsx) See Example: 15Jan005.ebsx (regular ebsx file) 15Jan005.001x (addendum file)

      A window will be opened detailing the addendum changes with the option to print. After clicking the Close button, the changes will be applied to your existing file. At this point you can continue with normal operations.
  • • How do I use the DBE file?

    North Carolina’s dbe_nc.bin file is used for accessing our list of available DBE/MBE/WBE’s through the Project Bids Software. This file is available from NCDOT and the Bid Express website.

    1. Click on Bidding & Letting in Connect NCDOT
    2. Locate the category
    3. Click on the letting
    4. Locate the DBE file right click or click on the DBE file and save the file in the same directory as the EBSX files. These need to be located in the same directory for Project Bids to access.
  • • How do I add a DBE, MBE or WBE that is not in Project Bids?

    1. Highlight DBE, MBE or WBE List folder on left portion of screen
    2. Click Add Entry button at the bottom of screen
    3. Type in firms name in the Name field
    4. Type in any number in the ID field (usually use 0000 as default) –NOTE: this ID number is required in order for any associated items to count towards your reported percentage
    5. Type in the address of the firm in the Address field
    6. Select from the Used As drop down box whether they are
    7. Select yes from the Use Quote drop down
    8. Then you may assign the items, quantities and amounts to this firm.
  • • How do I bid as a Joint Venture using Project Bids and Bid Express?

    1. Submit prequalification appliation to obtain a new vendor ID for the joint venture. Click here for Prequalification Application.​
    2. Once prequalified, contact Bid Express for an account setup using the newly provided vendor number under the joint venture name.
    3. Once approved through Bid Express, setup this vendor number and information in Project Bids.
    4. Enter bid and DBE information – once complete, submit bid to Bid Express under newly setup id and vendor number.
  • • Note about Multiple Vendor IDs

    Please remember if multiple vendor ids are setup in Project Bids, please ensure the bid is submitted under the appropriate id.

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