• Types of Vendors

    When you start your application, you must select what type of vendor:

    ​There are two types of vendors that do business with NCDOT:

    Contractors -- perform construction or maintenance on transportation facilities, including highways, airports, ferries, etc,

    Central-Let Contracts (Bidder) May bid on Central Let Contracts.  You are also granted PO Contractor and Subcontractor status with this option.

    Division-L​et Contracts (Purchase Order (PO) Prime Contractor) May bid on Division Let Contracts (Contracts less than $5 million).   You are also granted Subcontractor status with this option.

    Subcontractor ​​​Works under the direction of the Prime or PO Contractor.

    Private Consulting Firms -- perform services such as engineering design, research, studies, etc.
    Private Consulting Firms​ May submit Letter of Interest (LOI) for advertisements.


    Note: Small Business Enterprise contracts do not require prequalification, but do require SBE certification to bid.
    For more information: SBE certification guidelines.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ ​Delegated Administration Portal

​This portal facilitates access to contract-specific project documentation as contracts are awarded, planned, executed, managed, and closed out. 

To register your organization or to learn more about Delegated Administration, please visit Delegated User Administration.

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    2024 NCDOT ​Prequalification​ Campaign​​​​​

    Interested in working with NCDOT?

    The department is offering clas​ses in 2024 across the state to help prepare firms become prequalified.

    Prequalification is necessary to ensure that a firm has sufficient ability and experience to perform the work specified on NCDOT contracts.

    All firms interested in working on highway construction projects are required to become prequalified.​​​

    Learn More​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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