• Prequalification

    Prequalification is necessary to ensure that a vendor has sufficient ability and experience to perform the work specified on NCDOT contracts. Once prequalified, vendor information and qualifications are listed in the Department's Directory of Firms.

    Before you can become prequalified, your company must be registered in good standing with the Secretary of State or receive a Certificate of Authority​ with the Secretary of State if it is an out-of-state company. Search for your firm's name here.​

    The Prequalification application is online and if you are a new, you will need to follow the three (3) steps below to start your application. If you have already submitted an application before, you only need to update your existing application after logging back in (steps 1 & 2 not necessary). Do not create a new one.

    1) Acquire NCID.

    • You must have a business NCID to prequalify using our online application.
    • We recommend you change your NCID password annually. 
    • How to get your account - Get an Account (ncdot.gov)

    2) Register NCID and Tax ID with us.

    3) Fill out application online.​

  • Types of Vendors

    When you start your application, you must select what type of vendor:

    ​There are two types of vendors that do business with NCDOT:

    Contractors -- perform construction or maintenance on transportation facilities, including highways, airports, ferries, etc,

    Central-Let Contracts (Bidder) May bid on Central Let Contracts.  You are also granted PO Contractor and Subcontractor status with this option.

    Division-L​et Contracts (Purchase Order (PO) Prime Contractor) May bid on Division Let Contracts (Contracts less than $5 million).   You are also granted Subcontractor status with this option.

    Subcontractor ​​​Works under the direction of the Prime or PO Contractor.

    Private Consulting Firms -- perform services such as engineering design, research, studies, etc.
    Private Consulting Firms​ May submit Letter of Interest (LOI) for advertisements.


    Note: Small Business Enterprise contracts do not require prequalification, but do require SBE certification to bid.
    For more information: SBE certification guidelines.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ ​Delegated Administration Portal

​This portal facilitates access to contract-specific project documentation as contracts are awarded, planned, executed, managed, and closed out. 

To register your organization or to learn more about Delegated Administration, please visit Delegated User Administration.

  • ​​

    2024 NCDOT ​Prequalification​ Campaign​​​​​

    Interested in working with NCDOT?

    The department is offering clas​ses in 2024 across the state to help prepare firms become prequalified.

    Prequalification is necessary to ensure that a firm has sufficient ability and experience to perform the work specified on NCDOT contracts.

    All firms interested in working on highway construction projects are required to become prequalified.​​​

    Learn More​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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