• State Maintenance Operations Training

    State Maintenance Operations delivers technical and leadership training that is available for all maintenance employees. Since the different levels have specific training needs, the training has been broken into 3 levels: Transportation Workers, Transportation Supervisors, and Transportation Engineers.

    • Transportation Workers: Most of the training for the Transportation Workers comes through equipment oriented self-study manuals followed by a period of on-the-job training.  Specific, task driven, self-study "How and Why" training addressing daily maintenance operations is also available.
    • Transportation Supervisors: The Department's first line maintenance supervisors make daily operational and management decisions. This group's technical and leadership training needs are delivered with specific "How and Why" courses, workshops and manuals.  Leading technical crews is addressed in the Transportation Supervisors Academy.
    • Transportation Engineers: Engineers technical and leadership training needs are covered with annual workshops, manuals and technical bulletins.  The Transportation Engineers Academy develops leadership for technical operations.

    The State Maintenance Operations technical training courses are listed in the NCDOT Learning Management System (LMS).  Search for the course name in the search area to display the course and all associated curriculum material you are requesting.


    State Maintenance Operations Technical Training Directory

    The State Maintenance Operations technical training courses are also listed in the tabbed directory below.  To search for a course, click the tabbed area.  Once the functional area is selected, scroll to the course name you are searching.  For example, select Maintenance and scroll to TW's Transition to Leadership.  To search for an Equipment Guide for example, select the Equipment Guide tab and scroll to Front End Loader.  If you have any questions regarding the courses offered, please contact Bridgette Jenkins in State Maintenance Operations at (919) 733-3725.

 Equipment Guides

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