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    Welcome to the NCDOT Project Management webpage.  Project management is changing at NCDOT, and this webpage will provide information and guidance as these changes take place.  The site will be updated regularly, so please visit often.

    The key to improving the way we deliver projects is in the implementation of transparent, repeatable and accountable processes that are effective and efficient. The Integrated Project Delivery materials on this webpage support Project Managers who are responsible for creating and leading project teams that will make decisions through consultation with technical experts and project team members.  The efficient delivery of our project and overall program requires NCDOT and our partners to:

    • make timely decisions regarding scope, schedule, budget, and quality
    • focus on work processes and tasks only on those that are required or anticipated to add value to the overall project objectives
    • improve communication, coordination and decision making  
    • hold ourselves accountable, more than ever, for how well we deliver on our promises and serve our customers.
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