• ITS and Signals Qualified Products List Submittals

    Submit three copies of the list of proposed equipment to be used on the project to the Resident Engineer. No catalog cuts will be accepted for products required to be on the ITSS QPL. Some construction items (such as microwave detectors, certain communications equipment and materials) still must be submitted in the traditional manner using catalog cuts, drawings, and other required documentation. This is because specific project Plans and Project Special Provisions may specify items that are not cover in the Standard Specifications.

    E-mail Submittals:

    A  NEW E-mail feature has been added to the on-line ITSS QPL web page to reduce handling time and paperwork.  By following the instructions on the online version intro page, a ITSS QPL submittal list can be generated.  Upon completion of the list, with all the appropriate information (Bid Line Item Number, TIP Number and Project Number), the "Print to Excel" button can be pressed to generate a MS Excel (.xls) file of the submittal list.  This file can be saved to the users computer and later e-mailed directly to the Resident Engineer, appropriate Regional Signals Engineer, and Mr. Xiudong "George" Han (xghan@ncdot.gov).  The e-mail method can also be used in the event the originally approved equipment or material is not available to the contractor because of unexpected shortages during construction.  The Signals Management Section will expedite the review of any required additional submittal of five or fewer items.  Have the Engineer or his designated representative contact the Signals Management Section (see Contact Information section on the ITSS QPL main page).
    A recommendation from the Transportation Mobility and Safety Division for the submitted material will be returned to the Resident Engineer by e-mail for further action.
    All Submittals:
    Please limit the items listed to the actual equipment and materials you intend to supply on the project: Do not submit the entire ITSS QPL or large numbers of extraneous items. Submitting extraneous items will slow down the equipment/materials approval process.


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